Pyramid #3/47: The Rogue's Life

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"Steal" Outwits "Steel"!

We're practicing our thievery skills by taking this . . . subject seriously! This month's issue of Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – is devoted to rogues, crooks, and those who hope to stop them. Our kleptomaniacal compendium includes:

  • "May the Shadows Guide You" – Adds to the possibilities presented in GURPS Powers: Divine Favor. Discover a god who grants miracles to rogues and those who promote liberty in all its forms.
  • "Who's Gonna Buy This?" – An overview of finding buyers for stolen goods, a GURPS template for a fence, and a sample character suitable for GURPS Banestorm or other fantasy settings.
  • "A Brief History of the Thieves' Guild" – A look at how feasible the idea of a cohesive organization of rogues is. GURPS Hot Spots: Constantinople, 527–1204 A.D. author Matt Riggsby examines several real-world, pre-modern criminal groups in this rules-light feature.
  • "Monster Slavers" – This issue's Eidetic Memory by GURPS Fourth Edition co-architect David L. Pulver. Step into the shadowy world of those who deal in humanoid laborers. It provides a list of useful gear and a template suitable for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy campaigns.
  • "The Emperor's Finest" – A guide to the opposition for criminals in the Roman Empire in the mid-200s A.D. Now you can add more details about the Roman justice system to your campaign set in GURPS Fantasy's "Roma Arcana," GURPS Imperial Rome, or "Roma Universalis" (from Pyramid #3/20: Infinite Worlds). The article gives suggestions for suitable GURPS character traits, as well as three templates for Roman agents and rogues.
  • "Safes and How to Open Them" – A brief history of safes and safe-breakers, plus GURPS guidelines and new gear for overcoming all manner of strongboxes.
  • "Dealing With Rogues" – Methods for promoting party unity when someone in the group prefers to work outside the law, plus an assortment of professions for folks who want roguish abilities while still holding socially acceptable jobs.

This issue also includes a Random Thought Table that looks at how rogues can use recent GURPS releases, Odds and Ends with adventure ideas to put a spin on old thieving tropes, plus a Murphy's Rules whose humor could sneak up on you. With this month's Pyramid, you'll think you've heisted the motherlode of useful gaming info!

Written by Michele Armellini / David L. Pulver / Roger Burton West / Christopher R. Rice / Kenneth Peters / Matt Riggsby / Steven Marsh / Megan McDonald