Pyramid #3/81: Horrific Creations

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Creepy Creations for Countless Campaigns!

Ghoulish things come in small packages. They can also emerge from vats . . . or lurk at crossroads, awaiting the curious. This month's Pyramid – the PDF magazine for roleplayers – checks out the tangibly terrifying, for a suitably scary assortment of situations. Its frightening features include:

  • "Iraqi Irruptor Blues," an adventure for GURPS Horror: The Madness Dossier, as told by GURPS guru Jason "PK" Levine. Try to find teammates who have been erased from existence, while fighting against monsters setting loose deadly memes, all in pursuit of a boxful of something . . .
  • "Too Similar, Too Different," an in-depth examination of human hybrids from GURPS Locations: St. George's Cathedral author Michele Armellini. Learn how to create these walking (or oozing) nightmares, what GURPS characteristics are most appropriate, and four templates of possible monstrosities.
  • "Hellblade," this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Banestorm: Abydos author David L. Pulver. Discover a tempting weapon that can trap the souls of those it slays . . . but where it puts those spirits is an adventure unto itself. Get GURPS stats for the demonic warders, a map of the Hell-Within-the-Blade, and full details to incorporate this subplot into your fantasy or modern campaign.
  • "Anatomy of a Crossroads Bargain," a look at the history and roleplaying aspects of selling your soul for fun and profit. You'll also gain an understanding of appropriate GURPS traits to represent a bargain, and even "escape clauses" to come back from the brink!
  • "Bell, Book, and Candle," a systemless presentation of three flavorful items that can help call upon the dead – each with their own drawbacks. Incorporate them into a modern occult or monster-hunting campaign, or let them be a perilous part of any fantasy world.
  • "Altus Brat," a wafer that can bring someone from the dead . . . but at a terrible cost. Discover GURPS stats and rules for the results of using this strange item.

This issue also provides a Random Thought Table that explores how to make your own horrific creations. No matter whether you seek a taste of terror to add to an otherwise normal campaign, or you're running a full-fledged fright-fest, you'll get more than you bargained for with this Pyramid!

Written by Jason Levine / Michele Armellini / David L. Pulver / Jon Black / Nathan Milner / J. Edward Tremlett / Steven Marsh