The Fantasy Trip: Wizard

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG30-3453


Eight PDFs (totaling 43 pages) in a single Zip file.

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The magic companion to Melee . . . sorcerous combat, in the arena or in the dungeon.

Create your wizard, choose his spells, and go into combat. Zap your foes with fireballs or lightning. Summon giants, dragons, and wolves to destroy them all. Or be subtle and entangle them with magic rope and Sticky Floor spells. Successful wizards gain skill and power. Losers die.

This is the basic magic system for The Fantasy Trip. For the basic combat system, pick up Melee. For ready-to-use adventures perfect for solo or group play, check out Death Test.

The PDF set is included in the digital set for The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition. If you own the Legacy Edition, you don't need this one!

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