Character Collections 4 - Wizards

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Multitudinous Mages

Magicians and Wizards come in many varieties. From the classic inscrutable sage to a sly manipulator for whom getting by on their charm has a much different meaning.

Character Collection 4 contains 40 characters for The Fantasy Trip, each of whom is a Wizard with several spells and arcane abilities. Not all are adventurers thirsting for lucre or reclusive power-drunk schemers locked in a far-off tower.

Featuring individuals ranging from 32-40 points, Wizards provides all sorts of magically endowed individuals. From enchanters of items to the fearless combat mage.

Each has a unique personality and skill set. Tailor them for your campaign, grab them for foes in a random encounter, or as hirelings or consultants for a particular job.

Written by Douglas H. Cole