Illuminati Expansion Set 2 Pocket Box

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Of course not. They really are out to get you!

Illuminati – the game of conspiracy – lets you do your best to take over the world.

Expansion Set 1 took you deeper into the tangled webs of intrigue. Now, for the truly illuminated . . . the Nuclear Power Companies! Trekkies! Preppies! Secrets Man was not meant to know!

New York, Texas, and California! The computerized Illuminati – the Network! The Orbital Mind Control Lasers!

And many more – including two blank cards (one regular, one Illuminati) for your own contributions to the conspiracy.

This is not a complete game, but an expansion set; you need the Illuminati Pocket Box to play. Includes a special "I've Been Illuminated" button you can wear to find other players, confuse everyone else, and generally spread the seeds of the Illuminati conspiracy to the unsuspecting world. Have fun.