Munchkin Collectible Card Game Wizard & Bard Starter Set

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG4502


Two 40-card decks
Two Hero cards
Two level counters
Two Run Away markers
40 tokens
A custom six-sided die
Quick Start Rules
One random 12-card booster

Players: 2 players


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Play the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, where only the best cheaters will win.

This starter is a one-on-one battle between the Orc Bard, who brings her Mischief cards back for encore after encore, and the Human Wizard, who hopes his spells hurt you more than they hurt him.

Includes two 40-card decks, tokens, level dials, a six-sided die, quick-start rules, and two Hero cards. That's everything two new players need to go at it, right out of the box!

Pick up some boosters to customize your deck – and cheat even better next time!

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