Star Fleet Battles: Module R6 - The Fast Warships Rulebook 2023

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Forged in the Fires of the General War: The Fast Warships!

Star Fleet Battles: Module R6 - The Fast Warships has a 76-page rulebook that includes five new classes of ships and ten new scenarios.

With their hot-warp engines, fast cruisers flew at speeds other ships could only imagine. However, the price was a lack of heavy weapons attack power. Heavy war destroyers were modular, multi-mission ships that could serve as carriers, scouts, commando ships, escorts, or versatile light cruisers. The thankless task of bringing replacement fighters to front-line carriers fell to the unsung, aegis-equipped fast resupply ships. The previously unknown workhorses of the galaxy, police flagships had everything a cop on the beat would need: Marines, rescue, scout, minesweeping, and repair systems. Mobile carriers were based on war destroyer hulls and were swift and deadly.

It also has the following scenarios: Returning to the Scene of the Crime has an Orion Light Raider returning to loot a tramp steamer, only to find it guarded by the Federation in the form of a police ship and a police flagship. Playing Catch-Up has Klingons attacking a group of Hydran ships. Quick Steal has Orion ships lusting after some Gorn G-12 fighters; will the Gorns be able to fight them off? In Desperate Stike, there is a classic Lyran-Kzinti matchup. Will the Federation or Klingons win in the scenario Hasty Carrier? Andromedan Invaders attack a powerful LDR three-ship squadron in Strike Force. In Webfighter, the Seltorians hope that the addition of fighters will help them defeat the Tholians. The Orion in Question decided attacking a Federation convoy was a good idea. Which empire will have the “Long Legs”: the ISC fast cruiser or the Romulan X-ship? Finally, The Price to Pay is a three-person scenario featuring the WYN-Usurper’s squadron, the Kzinti Crown Prince’s squadron, and a Jindarian squadron.

Of course, it also has the section of the Master Ship Chart that pertains to the ships included.

This product provides additional ships for use in Star Fleet Battles. You will need the SFB Module R6 SSD Book, SFB Basic Set, and SFB Advanced Missions to fly the starships.