Pyramid Characters: Crosstimers and Other Oddities

Phil Masters SKU: PJM003



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Agents of Infinity Unlimited face a whole range of problems, from local crimelords on historical variant worlds to renegade magic weapons. And let's not talk about the plumbing problems back in the lab, or the inexplicably perceptive briefings from that out-timer specialist.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the infinite worlds, Edwardian schoolboys make friends with dragons, and small girls keep terrible pets. There are some strange people out there, and some of them are in this book. They first appeared in volume 2 of Pyramid Magazine, but they have been unavailable in recent years. Now, they're back.

Use them as NPC encounters (friendly or not), or as models for PCs or allies; take them as written, or adjust them to suit your own campaign. The possibilities are . . . Infinite!