Ocean Dice Ecosystem Bundle

Steve Jackson Games


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In honor of our oceans, we’ve created a bundle that celebrates the sea! This Ocean Dice Ecosystem Bundle not only contains one each of our six Ocean Dice sets, but also creates the perfect opportunity to use the dice to bring the beauty and tranquility of the underwater kingdom to your gaming table.

Each Ocean Dice set contains six d6 dice honoring an ocean species and molded in sea glass colors from turquoise to aquamarine – and you’ll get them all!

- Killer Whale d6 Dice Set
- Octopus d6 Dice Set
- Seahorse d6 Dice Set
- Shark d6 Dice Set
- Starfish d6 Dice Set
- Turtle d6 Dice Set

On top of that, you’ll get Nanogames: Aquarium / Eat Thy Neighbor, a pocket-sized poster with two dice games designed for your new aquatic sets!