GURPS Boardroom and Curia: The Sospital Group

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The Best Care Money Can Buy

Technology marches on, bringing deadlier weapons and poisons, more-resistant microbes, and such incidentals as taller buildings to fall from and faster cars to crash. But medicine advances as well, increasing the odds of surviving these and many other fates. It can sometimes achieve results that seem like science fiction or even magic – if you can afford treatment.

GURPS Boardroom and Curia: The Sospital Group takes a close look at a global consortium of private clinics, hospitals, and research labs that offer the best care possible, for a price. It provides GURPS Boardroom and Curia stats for its eponymous organization, which it presents as a potential employer for scientists and medical professionals, as a lifesaver for well-heeled heroes in risky jobs, and as a possible villain. While nominally meant for the modern world as seen in GURPS Action, there are . . . other options, not all of them healthy.

When you're advancing science in private, ignoring national borders, and catering to the wealthy, little things like ethics can become casualties . . .