In Nomine Superiors: Eli

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Of all the Archangels, Eli produces the most contradictory images in the hearts of angels. He is both creator and destroyer – full of life and hope, his future wide open, but out of control and out of his mind. His servants embody the Earth's primal creative forces. Casual and disorganized they may have become, but they remain makers of beauty and servants of Heaven.

Eli was one of Heaven's oldest – and coolest – dudes. Then, a few dozen years ago, he released most of his angels from his service, abandoned the celestial realm, and went for a long walk on Earth. He still hasn't come back. Some Demon Princes think (and Dominic fears) that with the right push, he'll Fall. Others think (and Asmodeus fears) it's all part of a more subtle plan to redeem a Demon Prince. Or some other long-term scheme that will change the balance of the War permanently. You could ask Eli, but hey – guy's been around a long time . . . maybe he just needs a break for a century or two, y'know?

Eric Burns of Websnark had this to say about In Nomine Superiors: Eli: " . . . it's a good supplement. It's got lots of depth and lots of flavor and some cool new powers and the kinds of information that will have the fanbase arguing for the next five or six years. Which is of course what a supplement like this needs."

In Nomine Superiors: Eli is written by Genevieve Cogman, author of the In Nomine adventure City on Fire and author or co-author of nine print In Nomine books.

Written by Genevieve R. Cogman