In Nomine: Fall of the Malakim

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Welcome to Los Angeles, City of Demons

L.A. is run by the forces of Hell, and any angels there exist at the whim of the demonic elite. But the demons are about to find out what happens when you push a Malakite too far . . .

Fall of the Malakim is Book Four of The Revelations Cycle for the In Nomine roleplaying game. In addition to an in-depth look at Los Angeles and its celestial denizens, Fall of the Malakim contains extended Superior write-ups for David and Lilith, introduces the rare Bright Lilim, and contains two complete adventures, "The Premiere" and "Fall of the Malakim."

You will need the In Nomine basic rulebook to play. Books One, Two, and Three of The Revelations Cycle (Night Music, The Marches, and Heaven and Hell) are useful but not necessary.

Written by Alain H. Dawson / James L. Cambias / Beth McCoy / Derek Pearcy / Kenneth Hite / David Edelstein