In Nomine Anime

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Big Wings, Fiery Halo

This is for everyone who ever wanted a really big flaming sword . . .

It's a different take on In Nomine – but it works. This book shows you how perfectly the War between Heaven and Hell fits the "anime" style of art and fiction. Just shout "Gabriel's Flame of Vengeance!" and fry those evildoers . . . or serve the Demon Prince of Technology by building a giant mecha and piloting it against Heaven!

In Nomine Anime includes:

  • Anime portrayals of all major Superiors
  • The Choirs and Bands, as seen through the lens of anime
  • Anime character stereotypes, and how they fit In Nomine
  • Hints for in-genre roleplaying in either humorous or serious style
  • Two complete campaign backgrounds
  • Adventure seeds

So rise slowly into the air . . . assume your celestial form as your mortal garments vanish and the music climaxes . . . and SMITE the foe!

Written by Genevieve R. Cogman