Thrilling Hero Adventures

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The world of Pulp Hero is full of amazing adventures - tombs to explore, lost civilizations hidden deep in the jungle, mad scientists launching schemes of conquest, evil cults trying to fulfill their dark destiny, and much more. Thrilling Hero Adventures presents fifteen Pulp scenarios suitable for any Pulp Hero campaign:

  • The Curse of the Vulture-God
  • The Dordogne Zodiac
  • The Fangs of the Scarlet Serpent
  • The Golden Idol of Sikrál
  • Inner-Earth
  • The Locomotive Pirates
  • The Malay Coins
  • Nazi Death-Zombies of the Congo!
  • Pterodactyls Over Broadway
  • The Radio Marauders
  • She-Fiends from Planet X!
  • Spears of the Tisangani
  • The Tablets of Destiny
  • The Valley of the Spider Queen
  • The Voodoo Cross

It also includes an appendix with detailed rules for assembling and conducting expeditions into parts unknown. So make sure you've got your pith helmet and machete ready, and check your map - it's time for some Thrilling Hero Adventures!

Written by Steven S. Long