The Dordogne Zodiac




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When they receive a strange relic as a bequest from a friend who died under mysterious circumstances, our Heroes find themselves drawn into an investigation of - and a battle against - an ancient, evil cult. But will they be in time to prevent the cult and its foul masters from wreaking havoc throughout the Earth?

The Dordogne Zodiac is a Pulp Hero adventure designed for characters built on a total of 150 Character Points or less. The optimal number of PCs is four to six, but you can scale it up or down based on the number of opponents you pit against the heroes in various encounters.

The Dordogne Zodiac features one illustration and two maps, which are included with the adventure as Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro files.

Please note that you will NOT be able to copy and paste any of the text or images from this PDF document.

Written by Steven S. Long