The Monster Hunter International Employee Handbook and Roleplaying Game

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Vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other horrors have plagued our world unchecked for far too long. Now you can help put an end to these monsters, and many others, with The Monster Hunter International Employees Handbook and Roleplaying Game!

Based on the best-selling "Monster Hunter International" novels by Larry Correia, the MHIEHRPG is your official guide to Monster Hunter International and the world it fights monsters in. Even better, it's also a roleplaying game that includes all the rules you need to create characters, play the game, and have amazing adventures in the MHI setting! The MHI Roleplaying Game uses the award-winning HERO System rules. They'll be included in the MHIEHRPG book itself so you don't need to buy any other books to play the game.

The MHIEHRPG is a full-color, hardcover, 300 page book. This .zip file contains a PDF of the book, a character sheet, the MHI Hero In 2 Pages rules, and the 33-page supplement A Mess of Monsters.

Written by Steven S. Long / Larry Correia