Spears of the Tisangani




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When they learn that the lost half of an antique map has been discovered, Our Heroes must journey into the heart of darkest Africa in search of the long-lost city of Tisangani! But they'd best beware, for one of their enemies seeks to thwart their efforts to find the fabled city. And if they do reach it, they'll find themselves plunged into a political battle between the king and his warlord, with the fate of all of Africa perhaps hanging in the balance . . .

Spears of the Tisangani is a Pulp Hero adventure designed for characters built on a total of 150 Character Points or less each. The optimal number of PCs is four to six, but you can scale it up or down based on the number of opponents you pit against the heroes in various encounters. The adventure includes one full-page map and one NPC. Includes a map for use with Campaign Cartographer!

Written by Steven S. Long