Robot Warriors

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Now you can pilot a 75-ton Robot Warrior across laser-charred battlefields!

Robot Warriors is 2 action-packed games in one: The Battle Game and the Role Playing Game.

Both feature giant humanoid combat robots: those huge heavily armored tanks on legs.

In The Battle Game, you use the Robots provided and a bare minimum of rules. Here you'll learn all the basics of Robot-to-Robot combat. Flexibility, accuracy, and speed make The Battle Game an exciting fast-paced simulation!

In The Role Playing Game, you are the Robot Pilot. Customize your Robot in terms of size, speed, weapons, and armor. Create the Robot you want and the Pilot you want to be!

Exciting. Complete. Flexible. Challenging. Robot Warriors is all of these and more! We provide the hardware . . . the heroism is up to you.

Written by Steve Perrin