Pyramid Volume 3 Bundle

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG37-2599


122 PDFs (totaling 4,737 pages) plus other support files in a single Zip file.


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For over 10 years – from 2008 through 2018 – the third volume of Pyramid magazine delivered new content for GURPS gamers. Now, you can get the entire collection all at once! Behold, all 122 issues of the third volume of Pyramid, at a dynamite savings – nearly 50% off the cover price of $975!

Each issue is devoted to a theme: monsters, psionics, martial arts, spaceships . . . and many more. Spice up your campaigns for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, GURPS Action, GURPS Monster Hunters, and just about any other genre you could imagine. Over 500 articles from beloved GURPS authors and talented newcomers.

It's a bundle of joy bigger than your imagination. Get your gear together – the Pyramids await!