GURPS Traveller Classic

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Hang in there, Beowulf. Help is on the way . . .

Marc Miller's Traveller is one of the most fully realized game backgrounds ever created . . . a vast empire of more than 11,000 systems, with a turbulent history dating back thousands of years. Locales can range from a crowded spaceport to a lonely frontier outpost, from the teeming cities of the Core to the unexplored worlds on the edge of the Great Rift. Characters can be merchant princes, diplomats, soldiers, politicians, nobles, criminals . . . or all of them at once. Political intrigues, trading schemes, mind-wrenching alien enigmas, mercenary raids, wars . . . almost anything is possible.

GURPS Traveller melds this exciting universe with GURPS, including rules for creating new characters and for converting old ones from other Traveller rules systems. It also contains a modular starship-construction system (fully compatible with GURPS Vehicles) and a space-combat system for ship-to-ship encounters.

Most of all, GURPS Traveller brings you the official alternate universe for Traveller, in which Emperor Strephon, and the Third Imperium, have survived to face new challenges.

(This is a digital reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

Written by Loren K. Wiseman