GURPS Future History

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Tomorrow Awaits

In a spaceship hovering over the ruins of the primogenitor homeworld, you may wonder: How did we get here? The answers await – in GURPS Future History. A companion to GURPS Space and a parallel of GURPS Infinite Worlds, this supplement offers an invaluable toolkit for designing plausible speculative histories and playing in campaigns set in forthcoming eras.

Starting with discussions on high-level short- and long-term trends – including what's constant, what changes, and what cycles seem to define humanity – Future History uses those building blocks to help create new timelines. Craft your campaign with ideas for divergent societies, extreme events, forces that influence change, and more. Devise deft denizens to navigate these new nows, with 10 GURPS occupational templates and discussions of key character traits. Use the extensive advice to forge adventures that fit the setting's themes and ideas, giving the heroes a chance to shine like the stellar skies. Whether you're plotting new tomorrows or just trying to survive on strange new worlds, the future is what you make it.

Written by William H. Stoddard