GURPS Classic: Ultra-Tech

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Welcome to the Future!

GURPS Ultra-Tech is a sourcebook for science-fiction technology, from the near future to the farthest reaches of imagination. Ultra-Tech is an invaluable companion for GURPS Space or any GURPS campaign that needs incredible technological equipment. Used with GURPS Supers, it provides gadgets for heroes and villains. Inserted into a GURPS Horror campaign, Ultra-Tech technology can demonstrate that not all terror comes from the supernatural. It can also equip any mad scientist of the '30s for GURPS Cliffhangers. Whatever the setting, Ultra-Tech has the tools to do the job.

Ultra-Tech covers personal equipment from TL8 (the near future) to TL16 (super-science and beyond), including:

  • Personal Weapons – From caseless assault carbines and monomolecular-edged swords to plasma rifles and tachyonic disruptors.
  • Personal Protection – How do you stop a gamma-ray laser rifle? Try a military cybersuit with thermal superconducting armor and a personal force screen.
  • Heavy Weapons – Hunter missiles, strobe mines, and laser-guided grenades offer ultra lethality.
  • Medicine – Super-science can heal, rebuild, and even improve on nature. Death itself can become a temporary inconvenience.

And still more gadgets! Living biosuits, computer implants, holographic projectors, energy webs, psionic amplifiers, neutrino communicators, robot factories, chameleon cloaks, intelligent starships . . . there's something for every crisis at every tech level.

GURPS Ultra-Tech is designed for use with the GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition, Revised. It is a valuable resource for any science-fiction roleplayer or Game Master using any game system.

Second Edition Revised, Third Printing
Published June 2003

Written by David L. Pulver