GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 12: Ninja

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Look around you, right this instant. Do you see anything threatening?


Uh-oh. That means there might be a ninja in the room.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 12: Ninja brings these black-clad butt-kickers to your Dungeon Fantasy campaign. The ninja uses a mix of special powers, combat abilities, wits, and gadgets to accomplish his goals . . . and if his goals include "eliminate you," then you're in trouble.

This supplement includes:

  • Dungeon Fantasy templates for both ninja and assassins.
  • Lenses for mixing ninja abilities with other professions. Beware the ninja-barbarian or the ninja-wizard!
  • A lens to add ninja prowess to your existing Dungeon Fantasy adventurer.
  • Cool abilities for those with ninja training, including Shadow Walker, Shifting Visage, and One With Shadows.
  • More than 10 new, exotic weapons that are especially suitable for mysterious martial artists.
  • Dozens of items of equipment, ninja tools, artifacts, and magic items – gadgets and gear that allow the "impossible."

Even if you're not playing a ninja, maybe you can take their loot! With the GM's permission, many of the cool weapons, gizmos, and magic items herein would make incredible loot for those who've successfully thwarted the darkness dwellers.

Whether you're looking to join a clan or learn their shadowy secrets in the hopes of staying alive, Dungeon Fantasy 12: Ninja has the information you need. Read it, if you dare!

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Written by Peter V. Dell'Orto