Federation & Empire: Strategic Operations 2022 Rulebook

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You Are Going to Need a Whole New Strategy!

Newly updated in 2022, Strategic Operations, an expansion for Federation & Empire, is all about new strategies and new capabilities. Expand your campaign with these new ships, rules, and systems.

Try out these new strategies! Diplomatic teams make treaties, create trade agreements, and maybe avert war. Engineers hasten construction. Survey ships allow you to search for interesting worlds and exploit their riches.

New ship types include those survey ships; small transports to move admirals, diplomats, and prime teams; hospital ships to help devastated planets recover and wounded people heal; sector bases, which are larger than battle stations but smaller than starbases; operational bases, which are mobile bases that can move after being set up; theater transports, which can move tug pods without tying up a valuable tug or light tactical transport; and special mission ships, including small transports, armed web tenders, more Klingon penal ships, variants of the Federation FFB and Klingon F6, more Romulan Kestrels, war dreadnoughts, and more.

Heavily revised in 2022, Rule 549 Auxiliaries and 550 Rule Unbreakable Groups update earlier editions.

Want to try out a new scenario? The huge scenario Maelstrom (675) covers a tumultuous period in the late General War when the front line swung back and forth and neither side could afford to lose. The scenario is divided into six sectors to allow you to play as big a game as you wish. Will the Alliance assume the offensive and drive the Coalition out of the Alliance’s territory? Or will with Coalition dig in and derail any alliance attempt at a counter-offensive?

You will need the Federation & Empire 2010 Rulebook and various countersheets to use this expansion.