Federation & Empire: Planetary Operations 2021 Rulebook

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Repairs and Spending and Raids, Oh My!

Planetary Operations has more rules for Federation & Empire. It is newly improved and updated, having gone through extensive review and discussion during Stratcon 2021. All rules questions from the ADB, Inc.'s BBS have been addressed to provide the best experience for every empire. There are new rules for Combat (300.00), Repairs (420.00), Economics (430.00-450.00), and Special rules (500.00). It also includes four scenarios (600.00).

Want to do interesting and dirty things to an enemy's planet (or prevent rebellions on one of yours)? Then the advanced raids rules are for you. Marine Major Generals will give you a chance to use those surplus commando ships (which could also be used to prevent rebellions). Then there are those pesky Tholian pinwheels.

Want a few free ships per turn from scraps of ships, keep key ships in the battle for another turn or two, and possibly convert ships while being repaired? Depot-level repair will (once you get the war moving) deliver a few free ships per turn from what you thought were just scraps and fragments. Rapid combat repair will keep key ships in the battle for another turn or two. Planetary repair docks are, basically, cheap fleet repair docks that can't move. Conversion during repair will improve the efficiency of your logistical network.

Colonial development allows you to “build a planet” and then build a base on it. Better control of your economy comes through the advanced deficit spending rules. (Warning: there is the possibility of bankrupting your empire!) You can transfer provinces as part of a deal (or you can annex provinces you stole from somebody else). Trade with the WYN Cluster is free money for everybody, and even the Kzintis can do it by the new blockade running rules. Any empire can improve its production system by building a minor shipyard (avoiding overbuilds). An empire that has seen its capital captured but had the foresight to build minor shipyards can get back into the game for less money by building a medium shipyard. Production overrides and allowable substitutions give you more control over your building schedule.

Special rules include alternate ways to use the Orions, espionage & sabotage, the long-demanded megafighter rule, forward defense units, early warning networks, resistance movements, more tug missions, and special counters.

Four new scenarios provide their own challenges and alternative starts for the General War grand campaign.

You will need the Federation & Empire 2010 Rulebook and various countersheets to use this expansion.