Federation & Empire: Combined Operations 2021 Rulebook

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Marines and Prime Teams and Combat!

Combined Operations has more rules for Federation & Empire. It is newly improved and updated, having gone through extensive review and discussion during Stratcon 2021. All rules questions from ADB, Inc.'s BBS and Captain's Log issues have been addressed to provide the best experience for every empire.

This product includes many new concepts (stasis field generators, electronic warfare, light tactical transports, monitors, special units, and Marines), which enhance play value by providing players with new ways to destroy their enemies. New economic factors include commercial convoys, base stations, and PF storage depots. You can take the fight to the planet with ground combat, including special attack forces. Prime teams can help in combat or aid in capturing a ship, along with other abilities.

And there are scenarios galore! Koval's Lightning has Klingons and the Federation facing off; Thunder over Kzintai has Kzintis, Lyrans, and Klingons; The Hydran Expedition has Hydrans trying to get to Federation territory without being stopped by the Klingons; The Wayward Wind explores what would have happened if the Coalition had attacked the Hydrans first, rather than the Kzintis; Reptilicon Revenged has Romulans and Gorns; Cold Front can be used as a training scenario with the experienced player commanding the Hydrans and newer players commanding the Coalition; Tholian Gambit has the Klingons facing the Tholians; The Late Kingdom explores what would have happened if the Hydrans had to start the General War by reconquering their territory.

You will need the Federation & Empire 2010 Rulebook and various countersheets to use this expansion.