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This set brings you everything from the ultra-successful CARnage Kickstarter campaign! All minis will be supplied as STL files. Each file will have two versions – a professionally supported file that's ready to print, and an unsupported option that is suitable for scaling.

  • Over 100 weapons and accessories that you can use to customize toy cars for Car Wars and other car combat games.
  • All 28 cars from the Car Wars Sixth Edition . . . plus bases, with and without stands.
  • Four NEW cars – the Dagger, Vortex, Lockjaw, and Minotaur. Plus the final campaign stretch goal: the "naked" Apollo, ready to be customized.
  • Four wrecks.
  • Uncle Al's Arena Supplies – a variety of traffic cones, barriers, and suchlike, to customize your arena.

A total of over 140 unique STL files!