Wiz-War STL Figures & Accessories

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Enhance Your Wiz-War Game With 3D Miniatures!

You've seen Phil Foglio's incredible illustrations on the Wiz-War character standies. Now you can add a new dimension to your gameplay by printing your own 3D figures as sculpted by by Kim Beaton, who was recommended by Phil himself! They transform Phil's beautiful images into 3D works of art.

Kim's sculpts recreate Phil's wizards in stunning detail, right down to their facial expressions. These beautiful depictions will appeal to both Wiz-War and Foglio fans alike.

The treasure chests will attach to a peg on the base of the figure, or they can accommodate 3mm diameter, 2mm thick magnets that allow you to affix the treasure chests with a satisfying snick sound.The bases and symbol plates are designed specifically for the wizard figures and treasure chests. Of special note is the base for the purple wizard, which features a stand that allows the figure to levitate.

In addition, there are STLs for the Granite Cube and Thornbush, two styles of Portals, and Tokens for each color wizard. If you want to build the lighted boards that we use at conventions, instructions for the lair inserts are included in the README and STLs.

Each STL comes in two versions: One has been professionally pre-supported by Facz. Simply load the files into your slicer and print. The other version is unsupported, which allows you to scale the models up to a larger size to create spectacular display pieces – or scale them down to use as TTRPG figures.

The package also includes a README file with assembly and painting hints, a list of the equipment we used (with links), safety advice, and photos of all of Ben's amazing painted wizards.