The AADA Vehicle Guide Volume 2 Counters

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10-page PDF


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Show Your Colors

Create your own autoduelling teams, corporate fleets, or vigilante groups. With these ready-to-color counters, you can even put your personal colors on your favorite vehicles!

And there are plenty of vehicles to choose from – counters for nearly every vehicle in The AADA Vehicle Guide 2 – 136 in all! Everything from subcompacts to buses, with motorcycles, trucks, trailers, and helicopters. And this set also includes grasshopper counters, for combat on and off the roads!

Should you come out second-best in a duel, each counter has a wrecked version of the same vehicle on the back. Just flip it over and plot your revenge . . .

You get 136 black-and-white counters, printed on both sides; an insert sheet with coloring advice; and a complete key, listing each vehicle's name and where you can find it in the Vehicle Guide 2.

Written by Denis Loubet / David Ladyman / Czeslaw Sornat / Carl Man