Unknown Armies: Thin Black Line

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An Unofficial Unknown Armies Supplement

In Al-Andalus in the Emirate of Grenada, in the Year of Our Lord 1236, a Christian priest-Cecil-was magickally assaulted by a Moorish sorcerer named Al-Sulayman. That priest's ultimate victory against dark powers led to the establishment of the Order of Saint Cecil. That's the legend, at least.

Thin Black Line is a free, non-canonical, PDF-only supplement for Unknown Armies, the roleplaying game where players become movers and shakers in the occult underground, kicking ass and taking names in a world of transcendental horror and furious action.

Thin Black Line details the Order of St. Cecil, an organization of Catholic priests and their allies dedicated to hunting down the supernatural wherever it manifests, and is suitable for player characters. It provides plot hooks and background information galore, including a big-picture history of magic in the Unknown Armies world. It includes a slew of new PC capabilities – including the Charismatic school of magic – that you can use right out of the box in your Unknown Armies game.

Written by Chad Underkoffler