Transhuman Space: Teralogos News - 2101, Second Quarter

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Keep up with tomorrow's news, today! Revised and compiled from information previously hidden on the Transhuman Space website, the Teralogos News series contains brief news reports that can be incorporated into that setting.

Teralogos News: 2101, Second Quarter sheds light on the latest legal debates about memory licensing and memetic crimes, a murder where investigators are accused of biochauvinism, and more.

Since there's no overarching storyline in Transhuman Space, you can use these news updates as is, tweak them to your needs, or ignore the ones you can't fit into your campaign. The world of tomorrow is flexible!

Whether for adventure ideas, background information, or just inspirational snapshots into the world of Transhuman Space, this supplement is sure to prove insightful and useful.

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Written by Jon F. Zeigler / Jamais Cascio / Jurgen Hubert