GURPS Magic Spell Charts

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GURPS Magic Spell Charts are a visual representation of the relationships between the hundreds of spells listed in the new Third Edition of GURPS Magic, totally updated for GURPS Fourth Edition. (Yes, that's right. It's explained in more detail on p. 4 of the new edition of GURPS Magic, under "Publication History." Basically, if you have the new hardback books, this is the PDF for you.)

These charts not only reduce the work required to determine the prerequisites for a spell, but also reveal the underlying organization of the colleges. For each college, they show how far can one progress at each level of Magery; which spells are central prerequisites for most of the other spells in the college; and how much overlap there is with other colleges. The simple, open format allows for further customization. Color the boxes to show which spells a mage knows and instantly see which ones he is eligible to learn.

And are you ready for the best part? It's FREE! Consider it a test drive of the new shop with a nifty game aid as a payoff, courtesy of Steve Jackson Games. Have fun!

NOTE: This new vector graphics version, uploaded February 15, 2006, is less than 10% the file size of the old edition. Also, all known errata have been corrected.

Written by Michelle Barrett