Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2

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Softcover: 48 color pages.
PDF: 51 pages.


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The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is all about killing monsters and taking their stuff in order to power up – and its heroes always seek more. Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 added more critters, so now it's time for more loot . . . and what's better than the kind that makes you more powerful?

Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2 is a collection of rare and often unique artifacts for delvers to find. Each gets a full-page, illustrated description with all the rules and stats needed to use it in play. And because the best treasures aren't generic collections of bonuses and powers, we've also included flavor text and brief adventure ideas to help you work these goodies into your campaign.

Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2 is intended for the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game but would work with GURPS, especially GURPS Dungeon Fantasy.