The Fantasy Trip: Old School Monsters

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG30-3497


3 PDFs (totaling 129 pages) in a single Zip file.

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Fifty-five monsters from the oldest of old-school games, compiled under the OGL, and translated to The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson himself. Negotiate with the Grippli! Flee from the fearsome Gnolls and their Flind masters! Find a way around the Gelatinous Cube, and think fast, because it's still coming . . .
Each monster comes with stats, description, at least one suggested encounter, and at least one game counter. Except for the Throat Leech and the Ear Seeker, because you don't see them coming . . . Also included with this set are double-sized cards for each monster, with a picture and basic encounter information.

This is a supplement for The Fantasy Trip. You will need at least Melee to play, and preferably In The Labyrinth.