The Fantasy Trip Decks of Destiny

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG30-3464


38 PDFs (totaling 425 pages) in a single Zip file.

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This digital version of Decks of Destiny includes PDF files for all printed material from the boxed set. You will need to cut and assemble components yourself.

Whether you're a Game Master or a solo player, you'll love what's in this bundle . . . lots of journals to record your adventures, and lots of cards! Most cards are dry-erase so you can modify them temporarily.

Player's Pack – A set of 13 combat option cards (perfect for new players), one blank fighter card, one blank wizard card, one dry erase marker, and one character journal which serves as an expanded character sheet where you can record both game stats and campaign information.

Rumors & Treasures – 60 rumor cards and a Rumors journal where the GM can record card usage . . . plus 100 treasure cards and a Treasures journal.

Adversaries – 24 orc fighter cards, 9 octopus fighter cards, 25 skill cards (use to turn any fighter card into a talented character), 24 double-sized wizard cards including nonhumans, and 70 double-sized creature cards.

Labyrinths – 62 hex-shaped cards to quickly build labyrinths, and a Labyrinth journal where you can pre-plan adventures . . . or record your histories.

Megahex Tiles – 13 new sheets of double-sided, dry-erase megahex tiles. Blank on one side, illustrated on the reverse side. And a storage box!

• A new drop table printed on the inside lid of the box. Quickly stock your labyrinths with opponents, treasures, and surprises!

• 12 character sheet bookmarks.

• 6 more blank dry-erase character cards – three for Melee, three for Wizard.

• 12 extra character and rumor cards courtesy of the backers of Four FIVE!! Perilous Journeys by Gaming Ballistic.