The Crypt of Krysuvik

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Not all sleeps peacefully in the Hunted Lands.

Generations ago, the warrior and berserker Krysuvik defended the small hamlet of Skalavik from the predations of marauding bandits and wild faerie. By might and stratagem, he built Skalavik into one of the largest settlements in the Hunted Lands northwest of the Citadel at Norðvörn. In time, he took the fight to all enemies… even before they became "enemies." Wounded in the greatest battle Skalavik had seen, he put an end to the bandit threat.

And then died.


He left a rich, thriving, and stable town… and rumors of a vast treasure hidden in secret places. Rumors only fools chased after.

Now, as the Hunted Lands seem to wake up angry from a long slumber, adventurers once again seek the treasure of Krysuvik. Maybe you can find it before others do…

Crypt of Krysuvik is designed to be played with four to six characters of roughly 125 points, built with Delvers to Grow. It includes six such pre-generated characters, so you can get playing right away!

Written by Peter Dell'Orto / Marshall LaPira