Hexagram – Issue #6

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Hexagram #6 is just one of the latest in a series that started out as a part of Kickstarter's 2019 Zine Quest event. We had so much fun working on the zine that we just kept making new issues. Fortunately for us, you've had as much fun incorporating the Hexagram content into your games as we have had writing every issue. 

This latest issue includes:

  • Rapier to Rapier: Fencing inThe Fantasy Trip by Lester W. Smith
  • Forge Sprites by Stefan Jones
  • Maximum Range of Thrown Spells by Henry J. Cobb
  • Random Mission Generator by Jean McGuire
  • Questions Three: David Pulver by Steve Jackson
  • The Ultrahex Map by Howard Kistler
  • A Tool of Flesh by James Eisert
  • The Household Grimoire by John Paul Bakshoian
  • Gralls: Moss, Bracken, Briar, and Bramble by Gregory Miller
  • Medium: A Proposed New Talent by Benjamin Pew
  • The Stench Snake by Kelly Nall
  • Creating an Infinite Arena by Philip J. Reed
  • Naturalist’s Notebook by Anthony Shostak
  • Laggy’s Last Game by P. D. Haynie