GURPS Martial Arts

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Fighting Around the World

Every culture has warriors who hone their strength, tactics, and aggression to a deadly edge. Legionaries, knights, samurai, fencers, wrestlers . . . all are martial artists. GURPS Martial Arts gives you the tools to create and play these dedicated fighters:

  • Descriptions and statistics for over 100 fighting styles of all kinds.
  • Nearly 100 combat techniques covering realistic and cinematic moves with bare hands and weapons. Customize a multi-attack Combination or a precise Targeted Attack, or use the design system to invent new techniques.
  • Detailed statistics for more than 70 weapons and notes on over 200-plus rules for improvising and customizing weapons.
  • Expanded combat rules that double the options in the Basic Set.
  • Dozens of flexible Style Perks that let you bend the rules to personalize your fighting style.
  • Advice to players on how to create any kind of martial artist. Includes quick-start templates, innovative uses for existing abilities, and new cinematic skills.
  • Biographies of famous martial artists and a timeline to assist historical games.
  • Guidance for GMs on how to use all of this in an exciting campaign.
Written by Sean Punch / Peter V. Dell'Orto