GURPS Magic: The Least of Spells

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We Can't All Be Archmages

Gamers love earth-shattering magic – but that isn't, as the saying goes, "all she wrote." Many fine stories feature apprentice wizards, or cocky dabblers in arcane arts they don't understand; interesting fantasy worlds often depart from the GURPS assumption that magic-users are born gifted; and even a lot of unsubtle, high-powered hack 'n' slash posits that almost anybody can learn minor spells on the side.

Workarounds to this in the GURPS Magic rules amount to "make Magery really common" or "increase the mana level." GURPS Magic: The Least of Spells offers an alternative approach: "assume there's easy, low-powered magic that nearly anybody can learn." It consists of 77 such spells spread across the 24 standard colleges, the game mechanics that go with them, and advice on using it all in your campaign.

Little tricks are often the best ones!

Written by Sean Punch