GURPS Magic: Plant Spells

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Vegetation – omnipresent, silent, essential for life, and able to kill. The fauna discounts the flora at its own peril.

GURPS Magic: Plant Spells expands on the green-based magical college from GURPS Magic with a cornucopia of new information, including:

  • Full GURPS information on broad botanical categories and stats for specific types of plants.
  • Two new meta-traits: Body of Leaves and Green Mind (think like a plant!).
  • Details on making various flora-focused mages, including appropriate or modified advantages and disadvantages, plus eight new perks.
  • Spells! A total of 38 new plant-related spells, including a range of offensive, defensive, and miscellaneous varieties. Unleash the Razor Grass, don Tree Bark Armor, or escape as you Run Across Treetops.
  • Information on how druids from GURPS Dungeon Fantasy can use these new spells.

With GURPS Magic: Plant Spells, you can tap the root of earth-grown power. Go green!

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Written by Scott Paul Maykrantz