Federation Commander: Lyran Ship Card Pack #3

Amarillo Design Bureau SKU: ADB4836



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A dozen ships for the Lyrans in Federation Commander!

  • Cave Lion Battleship
  • Forest Lion Heavy Dreadnought
  • Lion Dreadnought
  • Desert Lion Light Dreadnought
  • Light Tactical Transport
  • King Jaguar New Heavy Cruiser
  • Imperial Jaguar New Command Cruiser
  • Jaguar-L War Cruiser Leader
  • Jaguar-E Escort Cruiser
  • Military Police Escort (New!)
  • Alleycat-L War Destroyer Leader
  • Alleycat-E War Destroyer Escort

Includes the scenario Go for the Heavies (Lyran vs. Kzintis) and graphics for counters in three sizes. The Military Police Escort has never been available anywhere before now! This pack, like all Federation Commander Ship Packs, is presented in high resolution.