Federation Commander: Gunboats Attack

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"Captain, there's a flotilla of six gunboats headed for us."
"Shields up! Arm all weapons! Red alert!"

The small, scrappy gunboats make their way to Federation Commander. Weak individually, in a flotilla of six, they are a match for a cruiser and can damage a dreadnought enough that it won't just buff out. In some ways, they are eggs armed with sledgehammers.

This title includes a 16-page rulebook, including rules, ship descriptions, and eight scenarios. There are 15 new gunboats and a new monster. Banshees are found in hordes, looking for sites, preferably bases or anything slow-moving and poorly armed, to build breeding nests. There is a scenario for a solo player featuring these creatures. Be sure and defend your base, or you will have even more banshees to fight against! Of course, there are the images you need to create your own counters.

This product provides additional ships for use in Federation Commander. You will need one of the entry-point products (Klingon Border, Romulan Border, Academy) to use these ships. Either the Reference Rulebook or modules introducing more empires are useful for the ships from those empires.

This title is only available as a PDF.