Fantastic Dungeon Grappling

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8-page booklet

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Fantastic Dungeon Grappling takes the "attack roll, defense roll, damage roll" basic play of Powered by GURPS and makes it work for grappling as well. A new simplified tracking mechanism – tested over years of play – keeps this fast and light at the table.

After the Grapple, easily and quickly perform feats such as Takedowns and Disarms, inflicting pain or injury on your target as you choose.

Of course there are a few new magic spells that grapple, plus a short section on the best part about grappling: having your monsters grab and eat the players!

This 8-page booklet in 8×10 format takes the more complicated concepts from GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling and distills them through years of play experience into something easily comprehended and managed at the game table.

What's in the book?

The book contains:

Core Rules. Attack. Defend. Inflict control. Armed and unarmed, everything is handled with simple applications of common concepts. The way Powered by GURPS should be. Tuned for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG and its level of cinematic awesomeness.

After a Grapple. Once you've got him, what do you with him? A set of simple actions that represent a huge number of options. From disarms and body slams to locks and strangles. It's in there.

Monster Traits. The real fun is when a giant creature from the pits of insanity picks up the heroes and makes ready to have them for lunch. Monsters are more fun when they can pick up and devour the "good guys," and this section helps interpret existing traits using the new rules.

Magical Effects. Bindings made of pure light pin the target to the ground. A giant hand—or many small ones—erupt from the ground, hindering your foe. A wave of the hand and a muttered word and a wizard slips from a slavering tentacle beast. Five sample spells for offense and defense pave the way to invent more of your own.

This! Is! Grappling! Shows how the versatile framework presented in Fantastic Dungeon Grappling can be applied to represent specific moves. From joint locks and applying pain, traps that grab and bind, to a monster who can swallow a foe whole—each is detailed as a variation of the existing options from After a Grapple.

Fast. Fun. Versatile. Grappling has always been part of combat; now it can be an exciting part of your game without table-flipping rage. It's, well . . . Fantastic.

Written by Douglas H. Cole