Catacombs of Living Death

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The Red Plague has come to Athan.

Following the events of Roc of Sages, the always acquisitive Jok Sevantes again calls stalwart adventurers to aid him in his efforts to find and recover valuable arcane artifacts.

This time, they must venture forth and travel through a plague-stricken land. Surviving the journey, the heroes must enter the Catacombs of Eulogia and recover the powerful Helm of Baat.

Simple enough . . . but things are not always as they appear. Nothing that powerful sits unguarded and unwatched: The present owners are certain to object strenuously.

Catacombs of Living Death is for 4–6 characters of 36–38 points. While designed to follow Crown of Eternity, Curse of the Pirate King, and Roc of Sages, it can be played by itself with some adjustment.

Written by Christopher R. Rice / J. Edward Tremlett