Munchkin Promotional Bookmarks

Steve Jackson Games SKU: SJG9912A


One Munchkin Promotional Bookmark


Promo Bkmarks: Braaaaaaaaaains!
Gleeful Regifting!
Her Majesty's Secret Circus
Nefarious Necromancy!
Striking Dragons!
The Terrible Twister!
Trade Negotiations!
Cheesy Promotional Bookmark of Power!
Reckless Re-Engineering!
Retroactive Continuity!
Dropping The Hammer!
Weird Alternate Universe!
You Fu!

Available Now!

We make lots of Munchkin promotional bookmarks, most of which get passed out at conventions, by our Men In Black, and right here on Warehouse 23. We've often been asked if there is a way customers can get a specific bookmark in their orders.

Now you can! Just select the bookmark you want from the drop-down menu and it will be added to your shopping cart. If you want more than one bookmark, select this item multiple times.

These are the same bookmarks we give away for free; you are paying for the ability to choose a specific bookmark rather than accepting the whims of fate.

As always, thanks for being a Warehouse 23 customer!