Car Wars Two-Player Starter Set Red/Yellow

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A complete redesign of the original game of autoduelling, Car Wars Sixth Edition plays faster and includes new plastic miniatures! Miniatures come pre-assembled and unpainted.

This Starter Set has everything that two players need to start play. 

  • Six miniatures: Dragon, Jackrabbit, Slipstream, Superflash, Goblin, and Boomerang
  • Two car bases (one red and one yellow)
  • Two dashboards (one red and one yellow)
  • Over 100 game cards
  • Four counter sheets (dashboard sliders, barrier and wreck tokens, two turning keys, and other assorted tokens)
  • Dice pack (20 dice: six yellow, four blue, three red, three green, two black, and two white)
  • Six double-sided vehicle record sheets
  • Rulebook

Miniatures come pre-assembled and unpainted.