Car Wars Expansion Set 7 - Off-Road Duelling

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Get Off the Roads!

See the great outdoors – as only a Car Wars duellist can! Take your armed and armored cross-country vehicle off the highways and fight it out at the scenic Ozark Off-Road Autoduel Arena.

You need:

  • Fast Reflexes – to dodge trees and boulders
  • Good Handling – to jump the river (twice!) and pass the hazardous whoop-de-doos
  • Firepower – all the weapons your three-wheeler can mount . . . because the other drivers are out to drive you off the road for good.

This set gives you two full-color 21" × 32" map sheets, 30 full-color counters, and new scenarios for off-road action.

Car Wars Expansion Set 7 is a supplement to Car Wars Pocket Box; you will need the original game to play.