Car Wars Double Ace Box

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This massive bundle includes the core game and several expansions!

  • 22 plastic miniatures (itemized below; miniatures come pre-assembled and unpainted.)
  • Over 900 game cards
  • Lots and lots of tokens

A boxed set containing: 

Car Wars Core Set

  • Twelve miniatures: Dragon, Jackrabbit, Slipstream, Superflash, Goblin, Boomerang, Scarab, Warhawk, Hotshot, Hammer, Butcher, and Typhoon.
  • Four car bases (one red, one yellow, one blue, one green)
  • Four dashboards (one red, one yellow, one blue, one green)
  • Over 200 game cards
  • Six counter sheets (two turning keys, wreck tokens, dashboard sliders, barriers, and various other tokens)
  • Dice pack (20 dice: six yellow, four blue, three red, three green, two black, and two white. These are used for all attack rolls, defensive rolls, and movement rolls in the game.)
  • Six double-sided vehicle record sheets
  • A 24-page rulebook, covering everything from building your car to movement and combat. All of the rules you need to start playing the game within moments of opening the box!

Car Wars Miniatures Set 1

  • Five miniatures: Scimitar, Joseph Special, Pillbug, Hades, and Hydra.
  • 148 new cards
  • Four car bases (one red, one yellow, one blue, one green)

Car Wars Miniatures Set 3

  • Five miniatures: Brimstone, Stiletto, Aristocrat, Avalanche, and Jackal.
  • 148 new cards
  • Four car bases (one red, one yellow, one blue, one green) 

Car Wars Road Tiles

Create custom arenas and scenarios with this supplement for Car Wars Sixth Edition! Add these new cards to your core set and mix and match the road tiles to make all sorts of new arena designs! 

  • 18 two-sided chipboard tiles
  • 30 game cards
  • One counter sheet (turning keys, control tokens, ace tokens, and damage tokens)
  • Rulesheet

Car Wars Dropped Weapons Pack

This is a 4-player expansion that allows you to drop items from your car, littering the arena with devious gadgets and deadly weapons! 

  • One counter sheet (four rectangular slab tokens and one with 16 rectangular foam tokens, as well as 32 circular mine tokens)
  • 108 game cards
  • Rulesheet

Car Wars Crew Pack

This 4-player expansion for Car Wars Sixth Edition includes new cards, tokens, and optional rules that enable your crew to get out of the car and fight on foot! 

  • 108 game cards
  • One counter sheet (slab tokens, foam tokens)
  • Rulesheet

Car Wars Armory Pack

  • 80 game cards

Car Wars Linked Weapons Pack

Crank up the firepower with this 4-player expansion!

  • 80 game cards

Car Wars Dice Bag

This 6" × 9" dice bag has all-new Car Wars art on both sides and holds more than 100 dice.