Car Wars Core Set

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A complete redesign of the original game of autoduelling, Car Wars Sixth Edition plays faster and includes new plastic miniatures! This Car Wars Core Set has everything you need for four players to play right out of the box!

* The included 1/64-scale highly-detailed plastic car models have been pre-assembled at the factory, ready to paint and take into the arena. Or, for those of you who want to jump into the action quickly, use the miniatures unpainted; the included car bases are color-coded so that you can instantly tell which car is yours during the heat of battle.

* Thick, durable chipboard player dashboards include spaces for your car's external armor, tire points, and power plant points, as well as your car's current speed.

* Game Cards include four car design decks, one for each of the included player colors. Using the Build Point and Crew Point mechanics, you can create a new car (and outfit your driver and gunner) in less than ten minutes!

The chipboard turning keys work perfectly with the color-coded car bases; your car pivots over the turning key so that every swerve and turn made during the game is as accurate as possible.

Also includes:

  • Twelve miniatures: Dragon, Jackrabbit, Slipstream, Superflash, Goblin, Boomerang, Scarab, Warhawk, Hotshot, Hammer, Butcher, and Typhoon. Miniatures come pre-assembled and unpainted.
  • Four car bases (one red, one yellow, one blue, one green)
  • Four dashboards (one red, one yellow, one blue, one green)
  • Over 200 game cards
  • Six counter sheets (two turning keys, wreck tokens, dashboard sliders, barriers, and various other tokens)
  • Dice pack (20 dice: six yellow, four blue, three red, three green, two black, and two white. These are used for all attack rolls, defensive rolls, and movement rolls in the game.)
  • Six double-sided vehicle record sheets
  • A 24-page rulebook, covering everything from building your car to movement and combat. All of the rules you need to start playing the game within moments of opening the box!

This item is also available as part of the Car Wars Double Ace Box

Miniatures come pre-assembled and unpainted.