Over the Edge: Cloaks

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The Sourcebook of Secret Agents

Whoever you are, do not hesitate.

This long-awaited book is, according to highly placed sources in several supranational intelligence organizations, a carefully encrypted communication. Sleeper agents receiving this transmission will understand what to do. Decode and follow the hidden instructions. Your years of training are coming to fruition; your years of silent immersion among these strangers you pretend to know will soon be at an end.

For the rest of you reading this – well, this remains on the face of it a sourcebook of secret agents for the Over the Edge role-playing game of surreal danger. It includes the gadgets and fringe powers of Al Amarja's secret agents (known as "cloaks"), new characters to bring into your series, a major plot revolving around secret agents, plus lots of smaller story ideas to put everything in the book to good use. In short, it is a book that no Over the Edge GM should go without.

So whoever you are, do not hesitate. Buy this book.

Written by Jonathan Tweet